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Naturist Friends - Volume 1

Collection highlights from the life of naturists. It includes scenes from the movie Body Jamboree, Massage class, Capkarna gym and relaxation Party youth.

Fitness Girls

Spring is coming. All say that the best way to lose weight, to get into a bathing suit - a gym. About how they were able to, you can judge for yourself .. Czech naturists in the gym.

Come and Play - Helios Natura

Czech nudists family in the large gym.

Karate training 2001

We could not believe that so many people will come. More than sixty people joined us in the day to take part in the initial training of karate at the gym frappe, located in the city of Ostrava. At times he was so full of, both young and old participants, that I could hardly move the camera. Huge enthusiasm, inexhaustible energy, combined with the old kind and calm nudist spirit created this amazing and unforgettable videos.


Czech naturist doing aerobics in the gym.
tag: "gym" - 5 items
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