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Point de fuite Belgium 1987 with Catherine Aymerie

Feature Film. The teacher, as a rule, included in the class to conduct a lesson, but this time, not without surprise, discovers that all students are naked ... Trying to behave as if nothing had happened, she begins the lesson, and in the process decides to undress in turn.

Bare in everyday life 1994

A documentary about people who enjoy their nakedness in everyday life. Young girl starts his day with a shower and an aromatherapy ritual. Then, raising his tone, relaxing massage, naked yoga on the beach and jogging on the beach, across the field and rainforest. Rounding out the film a small sketch of naturist life.

Bare and Beautiful in Bulgaria 2002

Documentary film about the festival on the banks of naturists Varna, Bulgaria. The annual event, which brings together naturists from all over Europe. The culmination of this sunny day becomes a beauty contest, where women and girls are fighting for the title of Queen of the festival, as well as the title of Miss nude under the auspices of the Bulgarian Naturist Federation.

Naked life - Search of the lost paradise

Documentary film about the philosophy and history of naturism in France and around the world. In this film shows the life of people who use their own nakedness and live in harmony with nature. The film contains a large number of colorful scenes of nude recreation on the background of beautiful scenery in France.

Crimean Odyssey. Part 1

Family Naturism in Crimea on a nudist beach and nature. The first part of the film.
tag: "film" - 20 items
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